Friday, May 31, 2013

Frustrated But Hanging In

Well, my official weigh-in is tomorrow but the scale still said 229 this morning and I don't see much changing overnight.  I've tried to be patient knowing it's cycle week, and I suppose I could be thankful that I didn't have the normal 3-5 lb. gain that I normally have during this time...but I'm still frustrated.  I don't like posting maintenance weights when I'm supposed to be reporting losses!  Doing everything right this week and still maintaining has me a little frustrated.  :)

My food has been good this week, I'm drinking a truckload of water, and I've been consistent in making myself walk every single day.  I will say that it's getting easier to walk up the one hill in my neighborhood.  I'm not huffing and puffing quite as hard as I was a week ago.  Progress!  Maybe my hormones will mellow out in another day or two and I'll feel happier next week.  Also, I think I will be going back to calorie counting next week.  I always have an estimate in my head just from having so much memorized, but I've proven again and again that the only thing that really works for me is writing down every single calorie before I put it in my mouth.  The numbers never lie.  It aggravates me...I get sick of it....but it's hard to argue with what I know works.  I'll post again when I actually lose a pound.  Happy Weekend everyone.  Make it a great one.  :)

**And yes Pat, lol, 120/17 was the wrong blood pressure number, lol...sorry about that.  I would probably be dead if it were that low.  I meant to say it was 120/77.  Sorry for the typo! :)


  1. i hope you have a great weekend!

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