Monday, May 27, 2013

Green Memorial Day

We went to Dwayne's mom's for a cookout yesterday.  I had 4 baby back ribs, a spoon of potato salad and coleslaw (both were mayo) and 1 slice of bread.  Dessert was a watermelon cake.  I had 2 bites of a small slice and left the rest.  She bought it at Whole Foods and it was actually kind of gross.

Today Dwayne and I spent the day at home.  I've been working all day on my Ebay stuff and got a ton accomplished.  For dinner, Dwayne grilled Cajun chicken sausages, asparagus, and mushrooms/onions/bell peppers.  I steamed some broccoli and heated up some leftover ribs from his Mom's.  I also made us both a salad.

I decided to skip the buns on the sausages and I skipped the ribs, too.  I loaded up on tons of green veggies, thus my green Memorial Day.  I had 2 chicken sausages cut up, steamed broccoli, grilled asparagus & grilled mushrooms/onions/green bell pepper.  I decided to throw some more veggies in and had a salad w/ romaine, tomatoes and cucumbers w/ 2 TBSP of ranch dressing.

Getting ready to head out the door and do my walk.  I'm only able to do 1 lap right now....I'm just too out of shape.  It takes 17 minutes to make the loop.  Hoping to make it up to 2 rounds by next week.  I weighed in on Saturday morning and I'm at 229.  I'm really trying to make myself focus more on the walking/healthier food and less on the stress of house hunting.  It does drive me a little nuts to have to put that much thought into my food to keep me in line, but things get out of hand way too fast when I throw caution to the wind.  I'll post again later this week.  :)


  1. It sounds like you made great food choices this weekend. It's hard, especially on a holiday when everyone else is pigging out. Good job!

  2. Oh that looks delicious! Great choices, hope your walk was lovely!