Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Trim Healthy Mama Craze

Have you heard of this?  I hadn't until a couple of weeks ago.  It's the newest diet craze out there.  Wait.  It's the newest "lifestyle" craze out there.  I've never been one to try the "latest" thing.  In fact, the only program I've ever tried is Weight Watchers, and that was many, many years ago.  The 110 lbs or so that I've lost came from my own calorie counting and walking.

This interested me because for one, I've never read a "diet" or "lifestyle" book.  And secondly, from what I heard, this is a really good laid out plan of how to eat well for a diabetic...for life.  It's not something where you get to your goal weight, you go back to the dangerous habits you had before and gain all your weight back.  It's a way of pairing the right types of foods at the right time, and eating that way for the rest of your life.  Something that becomes second nature and you don't even have to think about.  It tells you to eat protein, fat & carbs.

I got my book last Saturday and have read most of it.  A huge chunk of it is all different kinds of recipes, broken up in to "S" (satisfying), "E" (energizing), "FP" (fuel pulls) & Crossovers.  This is not low carb but rather "controlled carbs".  It eliminates bad/starchy/simple carbs/sugar for the most part, and encourages you to use the complex carbs for your "E" meals...up to 45g per "E" meal.  Sugar is a big no-no and gives you alternatives to use such as stevia extract, xylitol, etc.  This is a big thing in the life of a diabetic.  I, personally, have been using Stevia in place of sugar for about 5 years, so it's no big deal to me.  I have never used Xylitol, but hear from the facebook group that the chocolate recipes/desserts taste much better with Xylitol instead of Stevia...something I'm looking forward to trying.

Basically, your body's fuel comes from 2 sources....fat and healthy carbs.  The idea is to not eat both in large amounts at the same time, because your body can only efficiently burn one type of fuel at a time...and the other gets stored in your fat cells.  Pretty basic concept.  So it's just learning to pair the right foods and eat them at the right time.  You go 3 hours inbetween switching fuel sources.  So if you have an "S" meal for breakfast (fat is the main fuel), then go 3 hours before you eat an "E" meal (carbs are the main fuel).  Protein is to be eaten with both "S" & "E" meals. 

There is no counting calories, which is one of the biggest reasons I'm interested.  As I said in my last post, I am just completely burned out on that process and can't see myself counting another one as long as I live.  I'd rather stay fat (not really....well kinda').

I will say that common sense needs to be used.  When you are having an "S" meal like I had for breakfast this morning, it probably wouldn't be wise to eat 6 eggs and 3 porkchops and expect any weight to fall off.  You are eating the right foods together, but if your portion sizes are ridiculous, then don't expect amazing results, if any.

My breakfast was 2 eggs scrambled in butter & mixed with sautéed mushrooms, onions, orange pepper w/ diced tomato on top.  I also had a leftover pan-fried pork chop (coconut oil) from last night's dinner.  The fuel source being burned here is fat, obviously....the butter and coconut oil.  I got my protein in with the 2 eggs and porkchop.  You can have between 6-10 net carbs w/ an "S" meal, but I didn't feel like working any in.  Since it's not the fuel source you're trying to burn, then it doesn't matter that I left it out.  Also, it was a pat or 2 or butter that the veggies & eggs were cooked in.....not a half a stick.  I cooked 6 pork chops last night in a couple of TBSP of coconut oil....I did not DEEP FRY them in a gallon of oil.  This is what I mean by common sense.  The book probably gives a guideline on the fat amount for an "S" meal but I don't remember what it is off the top of my head...I'm still absorbing the info. 

Here's a pic of my "S" breakfast:
I have not jumped in full fledge yet.  Yesterday I started playing around w/ pairing the right foods together.  I have not tried any recipes out of the book yet....I may do that today.  But the truth is, you don't have to use a single one of their recipes if you don't want to.  They're just suggestions to show you what foods to pair together.  There are several fabulous-sounding things in the recipe section and I plan on experimenting to see what I like and what I don't.  But for right now I'm just eating what I would normally eat...but in the right way.
I also had an "E" meal yesterday, which allows up to 45g of healthy carbs, some proten, and a small amount of fat (I think it's 5g or under...still learning).  The fat has to stay small in this meal because it's not the mail fuel source you're trying to burn in an "E" meal...the carbs are.  I had a medium sized baked sweet potato w/ 1 pat of butter & 3 lettuce wraps w/ green leaf lettuce, a couple oz of Boar's Head natural ham (no nitrates), pickles slices & spicy mustard on each one.  I didn't use the lite mayo I would normally use because I already used the pat of butter for my small amount of fat.
So it's just learning and getting used to pairing the right foods together at the right time.  There is a learning curve...it takes a little time.  But that's ok.  I'm going to follow the plan loosely over the next couple of weeks, test some recipes, etc.  I noted that my weight was 227 yesterday morning so when I weigh-in on Sat morn I will note if even following it loosely made any difference.
This is not set up for fast weight loss.  It's set up for getting your body to a healthy state through burning fuels more efficiently and healing yourself from the inside out w/ healthy foods.  I have full faith from all that I read that it is going to be a great lifestyle for a diabetic, and that's really what matters to me.  If I treat my body properly, my labs will start coming into normal range, and the weight will fall off naturally.
One last thing.  This book is Bible-based.  The two sisters that wrote it are Christians, as I am, and I appreciated all the Biblical references/verses they provided for the way people ate in the earliest of times.  They are not doctors/nutritionists themselves, but provide plenty of scientific references as well to support their ideas on the right way to eat for optimum health.
I'll be back to report on Saturday for a short report whether there's any weight loss or not.  I'll try to have more food photos to demonstrate what the "S" and "E" meals look like in real life.  There are also "Fuel Pull" meals for stubborn weight loss (not recommended in the beginning) and Crossover meals for when you get to maintenance and don't want to lose anymore.  I'm not concentrating on either of those right now.  I'll concentrate on them when the time comes. :) 

Thursday, June 6, 2013


I've walked every day now for two weeks and finally made it 2 laps around the neighborhood this evening.  It's a love/hate thing.  I hate it when I first start out and love the way I feel when I'm done.  I'll admit that it feels good to get off my fat a$$ and MOVE.  The food however hasn't been spectacular.  I started out the week w/ the calorie counting but after 2 days I just quit.  I swear, it may not be this way for everyone, but for me, restricting very quickly leads to binge feelings and I've been rid of those for too long to re-visit them now.  I calorie counted and walked all the way down from 340 lbs. to 240 lbs. and I am just flat burned out on it.  I can't seem to muster whatever it takes to use that tool to lose the rest of this weight.  I know the math works.  I know if I do it the weight will come off.  But....I just can't/won't/refuse/abhor/loathe....whatever you want to call it.  I do not have another plan in place.  I'm not one of the believers in "intuitive eating".  I intuitively ate my way up to morbid obesity.  My intuition cannot be trusted.

My friend Pam told me about the Trim Healthy Mama craze...at least I think that's what it's called.  I'm interested in reading the book but don't want to spend $30+ on it right now.  From what I heard it involves no white foods/carbs...which is the way I'm supposed to be eating anyway with my diabetes.  The 650 page book is supposed to be stocked full of recipes, and that's what has piqued my interest.  I love it when I don't have to think up meals...where I can just make what's written on the page, know that it's healthy and all the right food portions & that's it.  We'll see.  I'm waiting to hear how Pam likes the book.  I've read 2 other book reviews and those bloggers both seem pleased having used their methods to get to their goal weights and supposedly w/o counting a single calorie.

I know....there's always something new out there.  But I do need to find something that's diabetic-friendly as a way of life.  The diabetes are genetic for me and will never go away, but can definitely be controlled with the right eating lifestyle.

I'll report back on Sat if I manage to drop another pound this week.  We shall see.  In the meantime, I'll be walking. :)

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Finally, A Pound

I said yesterday I'd post again when a pound fell off.  Well one left me in my sleep last night.  I'm 228 this morning.  Going back to counting every (stupid) calorie next week.  Let me see if I can drop 2 next week.  :)

Friday, May 31, 2013

Frustrated But Hanging In

Well, my official weigh-in is tomorrow but the scale still said 229 this morning and I don't see much changing overnight.  I've tried to be patient knowing it's cycle week, and I suppose I could be thankful that I didn't have the normal 3-5 lb. gain that I normally have during this time...but I'm still frustrated.  I don't like posting maintenance weights when I'm supposed to be reporting losses!  Doing everything right this week and still maintaining has me a little frustrated.  :)

My food has been good this week, I'm drinking a truckload of water, and I've been consistent in making myself walk every single day.  I will say that it's getting easier to walk up the one hill in my neighborhood.  I'm not huffing and puffing quite as hard as I was a week ago.  Progress!  Maybe my hormones will mellow out in another day or two and I'll feel happier next week.  Also, I think I will be going back to calorie counting next week.  I always have an estimate in my head just from having so much memorized, but I've proven again and again that the only thing that really works for me is writing down every single calorie before I put it in my mouth.  The numbers never lie.  It aggravates me...I get sick of it....but it's hard to argue with what I know works.  I'll post again when I actually lose a pound.  Happy Weekend everyone.  Make it a great one.  :)

**And yes Pat, lol, 120/17 was the wrong blood pressure number, lol...sorry about that.  I would probably be dead if it were that low.  I meant to say it was 120/77.  Sorry for the typo! :)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Moving Along

I jumped on the scale this morning hoping to see some movement downward but nothing yet.  Still the same 229 I was at weigh-in last Saturday morning.  I'm being mindful of my food, walking every day and drinking 3 to 4 32 oz. glasses of water every day.  Of course, I started my cycle Sunday night, so that may have something to do with it.  All I can do is just keep on the same path and know that results will show eventually.  I'm still doing one lap around the neighborhood and feeling like I'm going to die when I make it back home.  So, so out of shape.  My knees and lower back hurt terribly. 

I went to the doctor about 2 months ago and actually had them do a blood test to see if  I have an auto-immune disease.  I have so much fatigue and joint pain and didn't have an explanation for it.  I was starting to worry.  The test came back negative but did show that I have high iron.  The doctor asked me if I had started taking iron supplements because I've never had high iron in the past.  I told him no...that I had just started trying to lose weight again and I'm eating lower carbs/higher veggies & protein.  I told him I eat spinach nearly every day and he said to stop eating it.  That's the first time a doctor has ever told me to stop eating something healthy!  I was also eating almonds for snacks and it turns out nuts are high in iron also, so had to stop eating those, too.  My blood pressure was perfect...120/17...but my cholesterol was 50 pts. too high.  I told him I had been eating a lot more eggs in the last month to up my protein and make up for not eating many carbs.  He said to cut way back on those, so I have.

Someone asked me about swimming to make the exercise easier on my joints.  That's a fabulous idea, I just don't have access to a pool right now.  I don't want to join the YMCA because I don't want to create another monthly bill.  I just got done paying off all of my debt and am enjoying keeping what's owed to just my cell phone, car insurance and the house utilities.  Sales on Ebay are never guaranteed.  You can do great one week, and fall in a hole the next.  So it's necessary for me to keep my bills very easy to maintain.

On the ebay note, I had a good sale today.  I bought a set of Bavarian Schumann dessert/salad plates at a yard sale a couple of weeks ago.  I got 6 plates for a total of $5.00.  I just got them listed a couple of days ago and they sold this morning for $135.00.  I love it when I have no idea about what I'm buying...just bought them because they were pretty...and it turns out to be a fantastic find.  :)  Here's the link to the sale:


And here's the link to my store if you want to see what I've got listed right now.  I put several things up for auction this week so feel free to join in on the bidding!  LOL  Shameless...I know. ;)


I hope everyone's having a pleasant week...I'll check back in a few days.  :)

Monday, May 27, 2013

Green Memorial Day

We went to Dwayne's mom's for a cookout yesterday.  I had 4 baby back ribs, a spoon of potato salad and coleslaw (both were vinegar-based...no mayo) and 1 slice of bread.  Dessert was a watermelon cake.  I had 2 bites of a small slice and left the rest.  She bought it at Whole Foods and it was actually kind of gross.

Today Dwayne and I spent the day at home.  I've been working all day on my Ebay stuff and got a ton accomplished.  For dinner, Dwayne grilled Cajun chicken sausages, asparagus, and mushrooms/onions/bell peppers.  I steamed some broccoli and heated up some leftover ribs from his Mom's.  I also made us both a salad.

I decided to skip the buns on the sausages and I skipped the ribs, too.  I loaded up on tons of green veggies, thus my green Memorial Day.  I had 2 chicken sausages cut up, steamed broccoli, grilled asparagus & grilled mushrooms/onions/green bell pepper.  I decided to throw some more veggies in and had a salad w/ romaine, tomatoes and cucumbers w/ 2 TBSP of ranch dressing.

Getting ready to head out the door and do my walk.  I'm only able to do 1 lap right now....I'm just too out of shape.  It takes 17 minutes to make the loop.  Hoping to make it up to 2 rounds by next week.  I weighed in on Saturday morning and I'm at 229.  I'm really trying to make myself focus more on the walking/healthier food and less on the stress of house hunting.  It does drive me a little nuts to have to put that much thought into my food to keep me in line, but things get out of hand way too fast when I throw caution to the wind.  I'll post again later this week.  :)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Resuming Walking

I haven't exercised in a long, LONG time.  The truth is, I've been dreading it because I have a lot of joint pain that I didn't used to have, so it just hurts.  The shin splints are a killer, too.  But I've got to make myself start doing it again.  I made the decision when trying on a pair of shorts at Target today.  I looked in the mirror and saw sagging skin above my knee caps.  Ummm....I don't think so.  As fat as I am, and have been for most of my life, my legs have always been the most decent thing about me...the thing I was least ashamed of.  I have the calf muscles of a marathon runner and have never had much problem with cellulite or the like on my thighs.  Apparently that has changed, and it's time to do something about it.  I know walking again will tone them up a bit so I'll be starting that tomorrow morning before I shower for the day.  I'll start w/ 30 minutes and work up from there.  The shin splints are going to suck but I'm hoping they'll ease off as I go along.  Wrinkly legs of a 70 year old will be fine...when I'm 70.  Not when I'm 40. 

Friday, May 17, 2013

Maintaining Again

I maintained at 240 lbs for nearly 2 years.  I finally decided to jump back on the wagon and try to lose some more and I got down to 225 over the last few weeks.  Naturally, after I start blogging again, I've maintained for the last 2 weeks.  That figures!  It's apparent that I'm eating too much to show a loss and I know it's due to the unbelievable stress of house hunting.  Dwayne and I have looked at 32 houses so far and still haven't found the right house.  Yes, 32 of them.  Our realtor told us at the beginning that the average person looks at 11 houses before they make their decision....obviously, we're not average.  So for now, I'm back in the maintenance phase...and now hoping this stretch doesn't last another 2 years!!  I do know that I need to lose a good bit more...225 lbs is not acceptable.  And as always, my first goal is to get anywhere below 200 lbs.  I'm 26 lbs. away from the first goal..and I'm hoping to reach it sooner rather than later.  Enjoy your weekend.  :)

Friday, May 10, 2013

Hanging In There

I swear I cannot remember to post!  Trying to get back into the blogging.  I'm still using Friday as weigh-in day.  No loss or gain this week....stayed the same.

And just real quick...here is why I love Ebay.  I went to some garage sales this morning looking for inventory.  I made it to an estate sale and paid $30 for some sterling silver flatware.  There were 12 pcs in the box...6 teaspoons and 6 dinner forks.  I got home and looked them up and according to completed sales, it looks like they're worth around $500.  I just got done polishing them and will be putting them up for bid this evening.  Enjoy your weekend.  :)

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Getting Back Into It

I almost forgot to post tonight.  It's going to take some getting used to again, and I think I'll try to do a post every couple of days for now.  I might get into a Mon - Wed - Fri routine.

We had a good weekend.  It rained all weekend but I guess we need it.  Had a friend over for dinner Saturday night, did a lot of household chores, grocery shopping, etc.  Then today I did a Walmart run for some essentials.  I thought I might pick up a couple of cheap summer tops while I was there but that didn't happen.  I've never seen so many sequins and horizontal stripes in my life!  I just couldn't do it, lol.  Afterwards, Dwayne and I went to see the new Iron Man movie.  Eh.  It was ok.  I liked the first one better.

My change up for me on food for this week is a new breakfast.  My cholesterol is 50 pts too high due to too many eggs, so cutting way back on those and this week it's smoothies from the blender.  Eventually I might buy one of those Nutribullet thingies to grind up some veggie drinks, but the blender's not strong enough for that, so this week it's fruit.  I bought some strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, pineapple, bananas & Fuji apples.

Breakfast this morning was a blackberry smoothie...pretty tasty.  Here's what I put in it:

1 scoop whey protein powder - 130 cals
1 c. skim milk - 80 cals
1/2 c. Chobani plain yogurt - 70 cals
1/2 c. fresh blackberries - 37 cals
1 zero calorie Stevia packet

So total cals around 317 if I added that up right.  That's a decent amount for breakfast.  I can't say it was extremely filling, but it's fine to get me through til lunch time.  I made chicken stew for dinner tonight w/ just chicken breast, tomatoes and onions.  There's enough leftover for lunch for a couple of days.  I'll probably throw in a few garden salads too in order to make sure I'm getting my raw vegetables in.

The plan for tomorrow is to photo some glassware to put up in the Ebay store.  Lighting is always tricky with glass...sometimes it's hard to get good definition.  I've already photo'd these pieces once and didn't like how they turned out, so it's time to re-do them and get them listed.  Talk to you again soon.  :)

Friday, May 3, 2013

Hey Er'Body!

Wow it's been a while!  I've been reading my regular blogs all this time but for whatever reason decided to do a new post today.  Just a quick one to say how I'm doing. 

Still running my Ebay store and now have an Etsy shop as well for vintage items.  I love working from home...it is such a joy.  I spend my days surrounded by Scarlette and lots and lots of inventory. 
I'll post my links here in case you want to check them out.  :)



On the weight loss front, I hung around 240 lbs. for almost 2 years.  No more bingeing, but then there's no need to binge when you're eating whatever you want and restricting nothing, right?  While I'm glad that I never climbed back up over the 240 mark to the 340 I used to be, it still takes a whole lot of calories to maintain 240 lbs. 

After dropping the first 100 lbs, I got way too comfortable.  WAY.  No desire to drop anymore weight, until a few weeks ago.

Today I am 225, so I've lost 15 lbs. in the last 7-8 weeks or so.  I don't know exactly what happened...just woke up one day and said this is ridiculous...I need to try and drop some more weight.  So I started.  Nothing crazy or fanatical...just trying to eat less than I did before.  No timeline.  No major stress.  Changing things up every week or so as far as what types of things I eat.  For me, boredom is a diet killer.  But I have an overall low-carb thing going to get my diabetes under control.  Definitely addicted to carbs....definitely hard to restrict them.  But I'm trying again.  It feels good to be back at it.  It's still as hard as it ever was with Dwayne eating his usual stuff right beside me.  I guess I'll always be a work in progress, but I'm still here.  Still kickin'. 

Dwayne and I are looking for our first house to buy.  This was not the happy,  euphoric experience I thought it would be.  It is actually a living Hell.  Neither one of us are enjoying it.  We've had more fights in the last 30 days than we've had in our entire 9 year relationship.  Seriously.  I'm sure we'll be happy when we finally set up home in one....but getting there is real pain in the ass.  I think we're just about ready to give up until this Fall.  Hopefully by then the rush to get a house and get your kid in a new school will slow down.  Right now, everything is under contract.

So just stopping in with an update and to say hi.  I'll post again in couple of days.  Have a great weekend.  :)