Friday, May 17, 2013

Maintaining Again

I maintained at 240 lbs for nearly 2 years.  I finally decided to jump back on the wagon and try to lose some more and I got down to 225 over the last few weeks.  Naturally, after I start blogging again, I've maintained for the last 2 weeks.  That figures!  It's apparent that I'm eating too much to show a loss and I know it's due to the unbelievable stress of house hunting.  Dwayne and I have looked at 32 houses so far and still haven't found the right house.  Yes, 32 of them.  Our realtor told us at the beginning that the average person looks at 11 houses before they make their decision....obviously, we're not average.  So for now, I'm back in the maintenance phase...and now hoping this stretch doesn't last another 2 years!!  I do know that I need to lose a good bit more...225 lbs is not acceptable.  And as always, my first goal is to get anywhere below 200 lbs.  I'm 26 lbs. away from the first goal..and I'm hoping to reach it sooner rather than later.  Enjoy your weekend.  :)


  1. You're on your way. Congrats on the weight-loss so far. Purchasing a house is stressful and not my favorite thing. We bought our current house (#2 for us) in 2005. We weren't even thinking about moving yet, when I looked on the internet to see how much houses were going for in an area we liked. On a whim, we went to look at one to see what size our money would buy. We fell in love with it and put money down without looking further. We're impulsive like that sometimes. Good luck with your search.

  2. We bought our first house a little under two years ago and the hunt was definitely stressful! I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Sometimes maintaining is a victory in itself :)

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