Sunday, May 5, 2013

Getting Back Into It

I almost forgot to post tonight.  It's going to take some getting used to again, and I think I'll try to do a post every couple of days for now.  I might get into a Mon - Wed - Fri routine.

We had a good weekend.  It rained all weekend but I guess we need it.  Had a friend over for dinner Saturday night, did a lot of household chores, grocery shopping, etc.  Then today I did a Walmart run for some essentials.  I thought I might pick up a couple of cheap summer tops while I was there but that didn't happen.  I've never seen so many sequins and horizontal stripes in my life!  I just couldn't do it, lol.  Afterwards, Dwayne and I went to see the new Iron Man movie.  Eh.  It was ok.  I liked the first one better.

My change up for me on food for this week is a new breakfast.  My cholesterol is 50 pts too high due to too many eggs, so cutting way back on those and this week it's smoothies from the blender.  Eventually I might buy one of those Nutribullet thingies to grind up some veggie drinks, but the blender's not strong enough for that, so this week it's fruit.  I bought some strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, pineapple, bananas & Fuji apples.

Breakfast this morning was a blackberry smoothie...pretty tasty.  Here's what I put in it:

1 scoop whey protein powder - 130 cals
1 c. skim milk - 80 cals
1/2 c. Chobani plain yogurt - 70 cals
1/2 c. fresh blackberries - 37 cals
1 zero calorie Stevia packet

So total cals around 317 if I added that up right.  That's a decent amount for breakfast.  I can't say it was extremely filling, but it's fine to get me through til lunch time.  I made chicken stew for dinner tonight w/ just chicken breast, tomatoes and onions.  There's enough leftover for lunch for a couple of days.  I'll probably throw in a few garden salads too in order to make sure I'm getting my raw vegetables in.

The plan for tomorrow is to photo some glassware to put up in the Ebay store.  Lighting is always tricky with glass...sometimes it's hard to get good definition.  I've already photo'd these pieces once and didn't like how they turned out, so it's time to re-do them and get them listed.  Talk to you again soon.  :)


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