Sunday, January 29, 2012

Feeling Good

We're having some really beautiful weather here in Georgia.  After a few days of rain, the last 2 days have been absolutely gorgeous.  Sunny skies and crisp temps.  I'm loving it.

The eating is going surprisingly well for my first weekend being back at it.  Last night got a little wobbly after dinner but I made it through okay.  Today is right on track.  I just finished lunch and I've got 600+ left for dinner.  We're going to grill some chicken wings.  I originally planned on baking them but I love grilled foods much better and it's just too lovely outside not to.  I've got some yellow squash and tomatoes to go with mine, and will fix Dwayne his poison.

You know, we both have diabetes.  It kinda' makes me sad...okay, it makes me really sad to feed him the crap that I know is killing him.  I could not cook for him, but that just means he'll go in the kitchen and cook it himself.  Not to mention, I'd make him feel alienated by not cooking for him anymore.  My hope is that I can lead by example and he'll eventually come around.  At 41 years old, I don't think he'll change his ways about eating veggies.  He just absolutely hates them....taste, texture, all of it.  But I've noticed he has made some small improvements by watching what I do.

He drinks a LOT of water now, where he used to drink none.  Granted, he still drinks Cokes, but only if he remembers to buy them.  I stopped buying them.  He'll eat and actually LIKES whole grain breads.  He still loves his white bread, but has noted that the whole grain breads actually have more flavor.  He will now eat ground chicken breast in things like tacos.  He tried a grilled chicken burger but wasn't thrilled.  Small changes, I guess.  And if we make grilled pita pizzas (thank you Tina!), then I buy the italian chicken sausage in place of the pork, and he loves it.  He's not too thilled with the turkey pepperoni, but he'll eat it.

So I guess some things are slowly changing with him.  I'll catch him asking me questions every once in a while like, "How many calories are in yogurt?"  or "is peanut butter a good protein or a bad one?"  lol.  Which takes me to whole other topic.

My good friend Sean left a note on my last post and mentioned something about "good" and "bad" foods.  He was trying to point out that our battle is not with the's with oursevles.  I know exactly what he's talking about and agree, and it made me think that maybe I should explain my take on things a little better.

I don't believe in food restriction as far as labeling foods as "good" or "bad".  I guess the way I should put it is....that 700 calorie slice of cheesecake isn't "bad"'s just not worth it to me.  That's what I mean when I say the guys are sitting around stuffing their faces with Doritos, Reese's peanut butter eggs and ginger ale as they did the other night when I posted.  I can have all of those things too if I choose to.  I just choose not to because the calorie value is too high for the amount of volume you get. 

I've always been a volume eater.....ALWAYS.  Back when I was calorie counting before, I'd have days where I just could not get satisfied.  When I'd be on track and have a freak-out, I'd sit down and eat 5 cups of veggies at one time....just for the volume.  You can have 5 c. of veggies for under 200 calories (if you pick the right veggies).  Some people have a hard time choking down 2 cups in a day...I would eat 5 cups, just to have that full feeling w/o blowing the budget.  I can't get that full feeling off of 1 svg. of Doritos and 1/2 a glass of ginger ale to stay in the same calorie range.  So when I say, "I can't have that"....that's all I mean. 

Speaking of Sean, have you read his book yet?  I think a lot of Sean and I love his story.  He truly does have a selfless passion for wanting to help others break the chains of obesity and live the life of freedom that he lives every day.  I posted his book badge on my sidebar because I want to help my friend promote his message.  It's a life-changing message and the more people that hear it, the better.  I'm honored to help spread the word. :)

I'm off to finish my chores for the day and get ready for the work week.  Dwayne is flying to California for work on Tues and will be back Fri night, so I have most of the week w/ no food temptations in the evenings.  I'm gonna' miss him, but I have to say that's a little perk I'm looking forward to.  :)


  1. This past park season I bought a little Weber Smokey Joe grill...grilled chicken wings were the bomb! Of course, they were the menu a little too often and ultimately fueled my own personal cravings for an increasingly poor diet and a 40 pound re-gain. I've erased that again...amazing what we'll do...and redo...and redo.

    I'm glad you are on the right path.

  2. Wow Tammy! I didn't know you were diabetic. I have a strong history of it on both sides of my family, so it's something that constantly haunts me. Mostly I've got age on my side, but that's running out really soon. You're in a tough position with your sweetie. All you can do is not enable it when he's with you. Hopefully he gets to wanting it for himself soon. Glad to see you're back at it!

  3. Yep, its hard to manage all your food, exercise AND diabetes, but it can be done. Sadly you can feel fine and its doing damage and by the time you notice the damage, its too late.

    Hang in there - email me if you ever need a pep talk! :D


  4. Hey Tammy! I didn't know Sean had a book. Thanks for talking about it - I'm going to check it out on Amazon. Sounds like you're settling into the food sanity very nicely, and Dwayne is following along behind you. Awesome!

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