Friday, January 27, 2012

Tough, But I'm Making It

Calorie restriction is hard.  That's no secret.  But there's just no arguing with the math, that's why I'm doing it again.  It seems like it's harder this time around than when I started it a couple years ago.  I'm trying to remember the lower calorie foods I used to eat to get the most bang for my buck, and I can't seem to remember anything except egg whites (which I've been having for breakfast every morning), lol.

I also think it's feeling a little harder today because I'm headed into a weekend.  Weekdays are filled with structure but, as with a lot of people, weekends seem to be willy nilly.  Friday nights through Sunday nights are usually a free for all.  Dwayne's buddies, Mark and Kevin, come over most weekends and there's food everywhere.  We grill every weekend, which is good, but always lots of carbs for the sides....and I probably don't even have to mention the "snacks".  Chips & dip, Doritos, cookies, far as the eye can see.  The funny thing is, I don't usually eat the junky stuff....except for drinking Coke.  It's when I tell myself I don't need to spend the calories on a certain thing that makes me want it.  That seems ridiculous, but it's so true.

Dwayne and Mark are sitting on my sofa right now, playing video games, with a big ass bowl of Doritos in front of them, Reese's peanut butter eggs and a 2 liter bottle of ginger ale.  I ran out of calories with dinner at 7pm.

Soooo...the good news is I stepped on the scale this morning expecting to see nothing after only 2 days, but was pleased to see 3 lbs. gone already.  It's probably some kind of sodium dump with all the water I've been drinking, but that still counts, lol.  We only "officially" weigh every 2 wks. in the challenge, so I'll "officially" post my weight then.  Just wanted to mention that the 3 lbs. down was a good motivator to stay on track for the wknd.  And I'll take motivation anywhere I can get it. :)

I've got a lot of running around to do tomorrow to prepare for a party coming up that I'm helping out with.  My plan for dinner tmrw is steamed shrimp w/ some Old Bay seasoning.  That's a great-tasting, low calorie food.  The plan for Sunday's dinner is chicken wings with some dry rub baked on them.  Trying to plan ahead to help me stay on track.  To Hell with the Doritos and Coke....I'm 3 lbs. down. :)


  1. Seems like you are off to a great start!

  2. That early weight loss is so motivating, isn't it? Sounds like you're off to a great start, Tammy. And having a plan for the weekend is helpful. Keep up the good work.

  3. It is tough. But you can do it! Our biggest accomplishments in life are never easy.

  4. Weekends are tough but you know what to do! Congrats on the 3 lbs loss.

    I also have a harder time at social gatherings because there is so much food laying around.

  5. I actually relocated after being in PA for college because my bf got a job in Tampa ;) I'm loving the weather!

  6. The great thing about your calorie budget--You don't have to deprive yourself of anything. Unless you have specific dietary restrictions; diabetic, gluten allergy, etc..What helped me was the idea that nothing was off limits within my budget. The trick---is, "How can I make this fit into my allotted calorie budget--not go over, and still enjoy the tastes I crave?" If you get too hung up on "whats good and bad," you'll find an unnecessary struggle. Why is it unnecessary? Because your choices will naturally evolve over time. You remember the early days of my blog---and how I might eat a bunch of what some might consider crap--But you see, that's where I was. Why would I expect to wake up and be a completely different person---simply because I decided? What we decide, isn't to become a completely different person overnight---we decide to be honest with ourselves about our limits--and live freely to enjoy what we enjoy, in smaller portions in order to fit into our budget---and then---all on its own (seemingly)our habits and foods start to naturally improve. The focus isn't on the food---it's on us...and that's when we realize the correct battle we should have been fighting all along. It's not about the food. It's about us.
    My choices today are drastically different than when I started, my friend. Today--I eat the kinds of stuff people once told me I needed to be eating from the start. But that wasn't me back then...It's me now---but I had to slowly and naturally evolve my choices. Today--when I enjoy a 400 calorie dinner---and it's lean meat, veggies, and sometimes a small portion of potatoes---I smile--because this isn't what a dinner was to me in the beginning days of this transformation... 3 pounds---AWESOME!!!!! Weekends are tough, my friend---Remember--If you fail, it will not be because of the weekend or anything affecting you in the moments that surround. When you succeed--IT WILL BE because you DECIDED this was it. Suddenly--when the very real excuses and rationalizations of our past are released--and their control taken away from them---and we take back control of our lives---It's when magical things start happening. I'm so incredibly happy you're in Chris's Challenge. You're poised for a most incredible transformation...and I don't mean physical--the most incredible has nothing to do with a smaller size---and everything to do with the way we think about this road we share--and most importantly, about ourselves. I'm cheering you on all the way, Tammy--YOU CAN-- and you know it. I'm thrilled for you.

  7. Sounds like you are off to a great start. It's not easy, but the rewards will be worth it. Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's nice to meet others who are going through the same struggle as I am.