Thursday, January 26, 2012

Soooo Sleeeepy

I'm really tired tonight...gonna' hit the hay early.  Just jumped on so I can stay accountable with the daily blogging and reporting my calorie intake for the challenge.  I came in at 1498.  Yeah...that was close, lol.  Today was a little prep/planning....should have gone grocery shopping before I started the challenge.  Anyhoo....I stopped by the store after work and I'm all good now.  I've got 6 chicken breasts baking in the oven right now to have it on hand.  You can never go wrong with baked chicken.  I'll be back tomorrow night with more to say.  Goodnight friends. :)


  1. Perfect planning prevents piss poor performance...someone said that once.

    Way to bake ahead! I'm not usually a fan of leftovers, but I too made some kale and barley for lunch tomorrow.

  2. Welcome back! Don't ever give up!!

  3. okay - I just laughed out loud at Kyle's comment...reminds me of Karen from Will and Grace "It's funny 'cause it's true". Good on you - looks like the fightin' Tammy is back : )