Saturday, April 7, 2012

Brittany and Food Pics

Today was a good day...I really enjoyed it.

Breakfast was only 2 cups of coffee with fat-free Half & Half.

I got to Brittany's restaurant for lunch and to take her the Easter basket around 12:30p.  At this point I was HONGRY!  I've been promising her I was going to try their wings, so I got 6 of them as an appetizer.  I had decided that whatever I got for lunch, it wasn't going to have a bun on it, and it wasn't going to be fried.  I wanted to go as low-carb as possible today.  She suggested the grilled chicken tenders with grilled onions, peppers and mushrooms topped with provolone cheese.  So that's what I got!!  Sooooo delicious.  I ate 4 of them and had to leave 1 on the plate.  I was STUFFED.  And by the way, she LOVED her basket!  She couldn't believe how much yummy stuff I filled it with.  :)

Had to leave one behind....

She didn't like that her hair was messy...I think she looks great no matter what.  :)

After leaving her a nice tip, it was off to the Flea Market.  I'm trying to do some research on what to sell on e-Bay so I took my camera to the flea market, took some pics of things, and went home and looked them up.  I didn't find anything worth selling bummed.  I'm going to start garage saleing next weekend though and hopefully I'll do ok.

After grocery shopping, I laid down on the sofa at 5:30p and woke up at HONGRY!!  I told Dwayne to fire up the grill while I rinsed off some chops and chicken and drizzled some House Italian dressing on them for a quick marinade.

While the grill was heating up I threw 3 small chicken breasts in a big pot and added some broccoli, yellow squash, zucchini and onion.  I boiled it on the stove til the chicken was done.  I took the chicken out to shred and will use an immersion blender to puree all the veggies into a creamy soup.  I'll probably add a datil pepper and some FF Half & Half also...then throw back in the shredded chicken.  I'll take pics of the finished product tomorrow...when I'm eating it. :)

While the food was grilling, I made up a snack plate and went outside to sit on the deck with Dwayne and Scarlette.  He ate almost all my carrots and Scarlette ate half of the mozzarella cheese stick!

Dinner was finally ready and I madea  big ol' plate with 2 pork chops (Scarlette got 1/2 of 1 of them), some grilled asparagus, and leftover carrots and mushrooms from last night (I threw the leftover potatoes away so I wouldn't eat them..low carb day!)

Chops and Chicken

The tastiest way to cook asparagus....GRILLED!!  :)


While I was at the Flea Market I spent $6 on myself....$3 for a Christmas Hurricane lamp and $1 ea. on 3 Christmas soaps.

We're having Easter dinner tomorrow at Mom and Dad's and it will be carb heavy, so I'm going to keep carbs out of the other 2 meals of the day.

Hope you're all having a lovely Easter weekend.  :)


  1. Happy Easter to you too, Tammy. You and Brittany look so cute together! You seem to be in a good groove with food prep and weight loss!

  2. THX for sharing your day Tammy. Beautiful daughter and your enthusiasm was delightful.
    Happy Easter to you and yours. (((hugs)))Pat

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