Saturday, April 14, 2012

Ever Seen One of These?

I started garage saleing this weekend to re-sell stuff on e-Bay and see if I can supplement my income.  Dwayne and I purchased this today, but when I do a search on e-Bay, I can't find another one exactly like it.  It's a Victory 24" cast iron & wood paper cutter/butcher's roll that they used to have in old country stores.  Has anyone seen one or know what it might be worth?  Thanks for the help!


  1. I've never seen anything like it, but it is pretty neat looking.

  2. These are worth anywhere for 20-50$. IF you can sell them! I d do a COMPLETED LISTINGS search when you search on Ebay, and do it before you buy something to sell. It might take a bit of trial and error but it can be fun. Also, think of things that are easy to ship/ pack.
    Some people look for popular titles and sell them on Amazon as well, but they take quite a cut...clothes are usually USELESS to sell unless they are real designer like Chanel, etc. Stick with something you know the value of. IT is easy to get taken with the idea that just because something is old its valuable. Do a little research on the completed listings. You go to search, select ADVANCED, then under the options click COMPLETED listings. Then you can see what things actually go for, not just what people list them for. For me, I have to sell things for at least 50$ to make any profit, as ebay/ paypal combined takes about 10%, then the packaging etc, and time.. Even at 50$, its pretty low wage, BUT i occasionally find that awesome find, and that makes it fun! For me, its just a hobby, I dont think unless you sepdn alot of time at it, or you have a specialty you can make alot. Just my 2 cents! Good Luck!

  3. Yes, a specialty is a good idea. Get to know a certain item that you can then search for. If it is.......mmmm say, chenille bedspreads, or vintage fabrics for example, you might peruse auctions for them. This is very time consuming however. You would then learn the names of styles, designs, etc., and really get to know said item.

    Jennifer's point about easy to box/ship is good; I think I forgot to mention that in a previous post. There is a shipping option that is flat rate-whatever you can fit in a box this size costs X. This is another area to research, ship costs! But I would never want to try to ship a large dollhouse, or oddly bulky item, etc. You could try craigslist for those items, but there is some risk (danger) involved there imo.

    Sometimes it can be helpful to be creative about your item, and mention other uses as well. Would this look good mounted on the wall? Could hang vintage linens from it. Or mount with paper towel rolls on it, would that work also? Could be used to pull out craft paper on a person's craft table...If wall mounting looks nice, maybe a towel rack...I think if you are creative like that it can make the item seem more desirable.

    Some things that you see at yard sales might be improved upon with minimal effort (spray paint or something) or repurposed if you can look at the item differently from other shoppers, kwim? Yard saleing is time consuming too, right?!

    I hope you got a great deal on the paper cutter.

  4. Did I also mention that maybe when you get rolling/comfy with ebay you could sell stuff for other ppl who don't want to bother, and take a cut?

    Haven't done that, just thought I would mention.