Monday, April 9, 2012

No Camera!

I left my camera at Mom's yesterday when I went over for Easter dinner so no food pics from yesterday or today.  I'm trying to get mom or my sister to meet me at lunch tmrw to get the camera feels like my arm's been cut off w/o it. 

The scale says 238.6 this morning.  :)  The fact that we had turkey instead of ham yesterday probably saved me from a big sodium hit.  I'm trying like heck to stay under 240 and inch on down the scale. 

Breakfast today was an egg scramble with veggies and grilled chicken...same thing I had yesterday for breakfast.  Lunch is a bowl of the veggie soup w/ chicken that I made a couple of nights ago, and I have a snack bowl of raw veggies for this afternoon.

I laid out some chicken breasts to thaw so I'm thinking I will probably make fajitas for dinner.  Happy Monday!  Only 4.5 days til the weekend!  :)

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