Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy First Easter Brittany!

It was a crappy eating day and I've got (most of) the pics to prove it!

Hit the door at 6:30am this morning headed in to work the morning shift.  Totally forgot to pack a piece of the breakfast casserole and any snacks.  So I hit the Chic-fil-A drive-thru and got a chicken burrito minus the cheese.  I heard they've started selling grilled nuggets now, although I haven't tried them, so I asked the girl at the window if they were going to start offering a grilled chicken burrito for breakfast.  She asked her manager and he said no.  Oh well...I thought it was a good idea, lol.  Sorry, no pic of the burrito.  Use your imagination.  :)

Was supposed to have lunch with Kim today but she had to cancel, so I headed home.  It was nearly 1pm when I was passing the grocery store, almost home, and my stomach was growling.  The burrito was at 7am with no snacks inbetween then and lunch.  I knew I was making a roast for dinner, so I stopped in to pick up some portabello mushrooms to throw in the pan.  I already had the potatoes and carrots at home. 

I knew I didn't have any lunch foods at home because it was the end of the week and time to grocery shop again, so I just grabbed 4 buffalo chicken tenders and a cup of chicken noodle soup for lunch out of the deli.

Yes I know this was a crappy me...the day gets worse.

Having only gotten about 4 hrs. of sleep last night, I crashed on the sofa and didn't wake up until 4:30pm.  Crap!  It takes 3 hours to cook a roast!! 

I threw everything in the pan and we didn't end up eating dinner until about 7:30pm.  The only snack inbetween lunch and dinner was a few grape tomatoes.

I always make rice and gravy with my roast.  I decided not to tonight, because if I make it, I'll eat it, and Lord knows I'd already had enough carbs for the day.  I've loved rice and gravy since childhood and where other people may choose mac 'n' chz or mashed potatoes as their ultimate comfort food....rice and gravy is mine.

So...Dwayne comes home from work and tells me that Mark is coming over.  He's a friend of ours that is originally from Baltimore, and will be moving back there soon, so Dwayne invited him over for dinner.  He gets here and I tell him we're having roast for dinner.  He says "Damn!  I can't have's Passover!"  Can't eat meat.  So now all I have for him is veggies for dinner.  Here comes the rice and gravy....and biscuits.

And you know I ate it.  Although Scarlette had her fair share from my plate.

I'm not done.

It finally dawned on me that this is the first year I'd be able to make an Easter basket for Brittany!!  Having never had anymore children since I gave Brittany up for adoption, I've never had the happy experience of filling an Easter basket.  I've made them for other people's less fortunate children before, but not for someone as close to me as her.  I told Dwayne what I wanted to do, and he gave me the money to go get the stuff.

I got everything at Walgreen's.  This basket has white eyelet material around the top of the outside and the pink gingham fills me with glee.  :)

$30 worth of candy....this was just too much fun!!

One thing really disturbed me.  I specifically wanted to give her a chocolate cross instead of a chocolate bunny and I know Russell Stover sells them.  They didn't have any and I searched high and low.  I asked the incredibly disinterested cashier and she told me she had no idea what I was talking about.  I told her that Russell Stover makes them along with the bunnies to give you a religious option.  I said as cute and fun as the bunnies and chicks are, it really is all about the Resurrection.  She sarcastically sniped, "....and yet they still seem to sell it", with a disgusted look on her face.  She may have been an atheist, lol.  And as far as her not so subtle innuendo about the commercialization of the religious side of the holiday by selling the choclolate crosses, my only response to that is "Touche".

I had a small bowl of candy leftover...some mini Reese's eggs, Butterfinger eggs, Cadbury mini eggs (Mark calls them raptor in Jurassic Park, lol)...and some jelly beans.  The REAL Brach's ORIGINAL jelly beans.  Mark's brother Kevin showed up and all 3 of the guys have been munching down on the leftover candy...thank goodness.  I will admit to 2 chocolate mini eggs and about 10 jelly beans.  The bowl should be empty by the time the guys go home tonight. 

I've got a good day planned for tomorrow....breakfast casserole will start the day.  Then I'm going to do my grocery shopping, and I'm going to try to make 1 or 2 new recipes this week so I'll have some different food pics to post.  I'll do this until I get completely bored with it.  Then I'm going to the restaurant where Brittany works to have lunch and talk with her for a few mins, and give her the Easter basket.  She knows I'm coming but the basket is a surprise...I'm so excited!!  Definitely taking some pics. 

After lunch I'm heading up the highway to check out a flea market and make a list of things I see.  I want to come back home and look them up on e-Bay to see if I can get a feel for what's selling and what's not, and for how much. 

I'm not certain on dinner plans yet, but I imagine since the weather is supposed to be gorgeous we'll be grilling out.  I LOVE grilled food...will probably be chicken or pork chops and some veggies of some sort.

I'll be back tomorrow night with pics and another post.  Hope you have a GREAT Saturday!!  :)


  1. it is always difficult a few weeks into plan and on a plateau of sorts, yet these are the moments when our choices count the most. Id suggest journaling if you get a chance, with all your spare time (HAHAHAH!) to see if there is some barrier to getting below 240? I know for me I have mine, just thoughts, we do this, one choice at a time... for life.
    Candy and gravy aside, not a horrible day at all!

  2. :0) :0) :0)
    I was remembering " the thrill " of filling baskets and got caught up in your excitement.
    Happy Easter to you and yours Tammy. (((hugs)))Pat

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