Tuesday, April 17, 2012

e-Bay Update

Are you guys tired of hearing about my e-bay stuff yet?  Sorry...I know a couple are interested so I'm going to keep updating for a while. :)

OH...you wanted a weight loss update since this is a weight loss blog???  Fine.  The scale said 240 again this morning.  Oh how I love that #.

Back to ebay.  It turns out, I'm a complete moron.  I really don't have this shipping thing down yet.  I listed a box of 60 DVD's, and ebay would only let me list a max amt. of $3.00 for shipping (I guess they assume you're only shipping ONE dvd???  So I'm like ok, whatever, it can't be THAT much, right??  RIGHT??  WRONG.

Those DVD's sold last night....all 60 of them....to a guy in CALIFORNIA.  Do you know how much it costs to ship to the West Coast when you live on the East Coast????????  Yeah.  THAT MUCH.

$51 for priority mail....$25 for parcel post.  Those babies went parcel post.  God knows when he'll get them, and who knows that kind of nasty feedback he'll leave about me for that. 

I made a beeline for home after my horrifying post ofc trip to UNLIST the paper shredder...made out of CAST IRON that I only had $10 for shipping on.  Someone emailed me about it, suggested I take it to the UPS store and have it weighed.  They said shipping large or awkward items are better shipped through UPS Ground for some reason.  So I went to the UPS store, found out the box it ships in costs $8 and the price to ship it to San Francisco is $27.  So I re-listed it tonight, with a shipping price of $35, thankyouverymuch.  I did put a note in my description box that if the buyer lives much closer to GA, then I'll be happy to adjust the shipping.  Three people have it on their Watch list again.

This learning-as-I-go thing is about to kill me, lol...and my quickly depleting bank acct is not happy AT ALL.  At this rate, I won't have any gas money left to get to work!!  Needless to say, it's been a rough couple of days.

Exasperated, I googled shipping tips for e-bay.  I read a guide that a girl wrote about shipping on ebay, and her very first point of advice is BUY A SCALE.  No shit, dude.  It's definitely on my list of things to do.  She said she bought one at Wal-mart for $22 and it's been well worth it.  She said to print labels through e-bay instead of USPS.  E-bay charges .17 for delivery confirmation, where the post ofc charges .75 or .85. 

I also mis-guessed on how big a small flat rate box was when I listed a book last week.  I was thinking The Hobbit should fit in a small flat rate....surely a small one would hold a book!  NOT!  It had to go into a medium flat rate box today, going from $5 to $12.  (eyeroll).  Now I know the size of all the flat rate boxes...I brought a few home with me today.

As of right now I've made $188 on ebay so far....then you minus ALL THAT SHIPPING, so I've made like $5.  lol  None of the money will be available and sent from PayPal to my bank acct until about 3 days after the buyers actually receive their packages, and somehow report it back to ebay.  Something about that makes me nervous.

Thanks for all the tips Chrissy...I love your input.  Please keep the advice coming!  In answer to your questions, I haven't found something I love, other than I love the prices that designer handbags go for.  But after the fake Kate Spade I listed (having no idea who Kate was at the time), I am now terrified to purchase these bags at garage sales.  I must of just gotten dumb lucky on that Gucci wallet.  Unless, of course, the buyer contacts me in a couple of days and tells me I sold her a fake.  I'm waiting for it!!!!
And no, I haven't heard of that Backroom place.  What kind of place is it exactly?


  1. Wow - I just caught up with the eBay thing in your last 2 posts. The first thing that comes to mind is that it's a great way to make money when you know how to work it - and you're learning. It certainly sounds like it would be a steep learning curve for a computer/tech boob such as myself!

    Good to hear from you. I've had computer issues at work and modem issues at home, but they are resolved, so hopefully I can get a post up tonight or tomorrow.

  2. This is freaking hysterical! I've been seriously thinking of listing my things I keep giving away on ebay for the money. You could sell your books on amazon. They outline the process a bit better or maybe that's just me. I've given away so many things that I could have sold. I have a vintage jacket that I found on ebay (a similar one) for nearly $300. 00!!! Why am I giving things away?
    I have a buttload of CDs too. I'm paying attention to your posts!

  3. the DVDS and CDS can go MEDIA MAIL for under a few bucks, that is why ebay has a limit on cost. A whole box of books can ship across country for like 9$, just an FYI, you are in the learning curve! I did it too! That is why everyone cant make a million on ebay, but you ve figured out a few bugs so you are on your way to making some extra cash! Hang in there!

  4. When you don't have a postal scale, you can go to the PO and get it weighed. They like you to have a zip for it, and you won't have one yet, bc you didn't list it yet, just need weight. So give them the most pricey zone, maybe Washington, or CA? and then write that info down for your listing.

    Ballard designs is home decor & furnishings. Probably along the lines of Pottery Barn. Google it, and check out the map, I think you have an outlet/backroom. [that doesn't mean it is cheap enough to resell.] I think some days they feature certain discounts. Check online, poke around, see what you can find out. If you find that it is still in your area, you might want to look at some closed auctions to get a feel before buying. I want to encourage you to do your homework on stuff first to avoid any more disappointments. :( It can take time to do research, but save you $ in the long run. For example, if you purchase a book with the title of XYZ, you can search what other sellers charge for shipping just to kind of confirm that you were in right ballpark, kwim? I wouldn't base it on their prices, but at least check them out.

    I guess at this point it totally goes without saying that it is difficult to verify authenticity on luxury items, so avoid them in order to avoid counterfeits. There are SO many counterfeit purses out there. Ridiculous. I would say the same to anyone considering a purchase on ebay of said items as well. I once purchased counterfeit fragrance. What a disappointment. Did not get reimbursed either. I learned. When I ended up buying counterfeit men's razors on ebay, I did all I could to get them busted and was successful. Yay.

    Feel free to bounce stuff off of me if it would help avoid future boo boos.

  5. http://www.ballarddesigns.com/BallardDesigns/US/CustomerService/store-locations/content-path

    scroll down to Roswell GA outlet location. I see that they sell discontinued & imperfects, so it sounds like could be a true outlet. Pls lmk what you find out. Maybe this is too far, or not open anymore, but odd that it is on their site then.


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