Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Sunday

Good morning everyone :)

The scale says 238.2 this the middle of a wknd.  I know, right?!?!  Yay.

This past week was really rough with learning the whole e-bay thing.  I lost a lot of money on shipping.  I listed items for sale on every day of the week, so that when the auctions ended, I had to go to the post office and/or UPS store every day of the week to ship stuff.  Duh!! 

I figured some things out though so I think things will be better going forward.  Dwayne ordered me a scale on Amazon yesterday, so I'm not listing another dang thing until it gets here, so I can be MUCH more accurate when I'm listing the shipping.

I will be garage saleing on Sat mornings (we went yesterday, and I LOVE that Dwayne is doing this with me), and listing any/all items for sale on Sundays, so that the auctions all end on a Saturday.  If people pay for their items the same day, then I can go out and ship them the same day, instead of all through the week.

But to streamline things even further, I'm going to study up today online about how to have packages picked up at your front door.  If I print my labels out on ebay, after I have a scale, then I might be able to eliminate the post ofc if scheduling a pick up at my house is free.  I have to read about that today.

My next order of business is to open another checking account that is solely for ebay.  I went to Bank of America yesterday and tried to do this, but the banker talked me right out of it.  He forewarned me that BOA is about to force everyone into 1 of 4 accounts that they will be offering in an effort to collect more on fees (yes, he actually said that to me).  He said all of the accounts have monthly fees, but there are things you can do to have those fees waived...the most basic one being keeping a daily balance of $2,000 in your acct. at all times.  I had to LOL at that one.  I told him that would never happen.  I told him it sounded like it was time to find another bank altogether.  He said eventually there will be no such thing as free checking at ANY bank.  I told him I didn't believe that...that I would be able to find it at a smaller bank.  He agreed that a smaller one might keep offering it.  I said it sounds to me like SMALLER is BETTER.  It was almost noon when I left, so no time to run the roads to find a smaller bank on a Saturday.

Anyhoo, I feel like I want a separate account because PayPal sucks out the shipping every time you mail something (you pay upfront obviously).  And I know that ebay will eventually take out 9% of everything I've sold within a month...I think this happens at the end of the month.  And it just makes me nervous that all of these transactions are going on in the acct where I keep my bill money and have to watch out for checks to clear on bills.  I looked around online yesterday for a smaller bank, and I think I'll be opening a new account at one I found on Monday morning.  I'm trying to get the ebay process as streamlined as possible.

Btw, I refunded the lady her money that bought the Gucci wallet.  What it boiled down to I think is that she had a brown Gucci purse, and wanted a brown wallet to match.  When the wallet got to her, it was just the wrong shade of brown (we've sent several emails over the wknd).  It's not a fake Gucci.  She emailed yesterday to say she shipped it back, so now I have to decide if I want to re-list it.  I guess you can only tell so much from a picture, so I'm a little nervous about it happening again.  The chances of me re-listing it are slim to none.  I only paid 50 cents for it at that yard sale in the ritzy neighborhood where the lady was also selling her Porsche.  So I'm not out much.

I've got a frig full of veggies and need to do some prep today, make some soup, maybe another veggie/pasta salad, etc.  Hope all of you are fully enjoying your weekend. :)

**KatieJ, if your'e reading today, I sent you an email yesterday...write me back!  :)


  1. Hey girl. Just wanted to mention that eventually you can leave some of your earnings in paypal as a cushion, & paypal will debit from those.

    I did have a separate acct as well, probably more for buying things up front, & to keep funds separate from household stuff.

    Well, typically you aren't responsible if the wallet doesn't match the buyer's purse. I'm a little irritated with her for crying "counterfeit" to suit her own needs. Maybe you could take it to a consignment/resale shop. Or use it. :) I guess in order to get some positive fb though, you do need to make it all good in this case. Do you say "all sales final"?

    Sounds like you plan to perfect this ebay thing! So neat that Dwayne is helping/interested to find stuff with you. Perhaps HE has a niche, or something he is knowledgeable about that you could look for? (tools, car parts, antiques?)

    Does he have a smart phone? Maybe he can get good at looking up completed & current auctions while you hold on to the item & browse the yard sale.

    Anxious to hear what you find this wkend!

  2. I responded to your email my sweet!

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