Thursday, April 5, 2012

e-Bay and Thai food

Let's start with today's food pics, and then we'll get to the E-bay question. :)

I finally got to try the breakfast casserole and I'll tell you the truth...I didn't love it.  What was missing?  The grease.  I skipped the step of sauteeing the sweet potatoes (and there was supposed to be onions) in the grease left over from cooking your sausage.  First of all, I used the bagged turkey sausage crumbles so there was no grease, and therefore, no flavor, lol.  I didn't hate it mind was just kind of bland.  I've got 5 pieces left and won't be wasting it though, so it's all good.

Lunch was some turkey breast that I cooked last night and some more pasta salad...I made a HUGE bowl of this stuff on Sunday.

This is what I've been snacking on at work instead of the big ass box of donuts in the breakroom...thankyouverymuch!

Here's the turkey breast I roasted in the oven last night....

I took the easy way out and made turkey sandwiches for dinner.  Mine is on sourdough bread with thick tomato slices, sweet onions, dill pickles and a swipe of lite mayo.  I ate less than half of that pasta salad because the sandwich was ginormous!

I'm done eating for the night and sipping on some decaf coffee w/ fat-free half  & half right now.

I'm thinking of buying and re-selling items to make some extra cash until Errand Fairy brings me some more business.  My idea is to pick up stuff for dirt cheap at yard sales/garage sales and re-sell it on e-Bay.

Are any of you selling stuff on e-Bay?  I'm looking for some tips.  I've been trying to do searches for things to see what kind of prices they're bringing, but it's just too broad.  They sell EVERYTHING on there, so I haven't really been able to hone in on specific items that I should be looking for.  Any ideas or tips would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

Tomorrow I have to work from 8a-12p...we're only working a 1/2 day for Good Friday.  Then I'm going to meet my friend Kim for lunch whom I haven't seen in at least 2-3 months.  We're going to a Thai place close to my work.  I've only had Thai food once and it was quite a while ago.  I have no idea what's on the menu and less of an idea of what tastes good.  Any Thai food lovers??  I need some lunch suggestions! :)


  1. I love Thai food. Do you like noodles or rice? I'm a huge fan of their curries with vegetables and choice of protein served with coconut scented rice. I wonder if the place offers brown rice (some do). Their noodles are complex and great to try too.

    I've never sold anything on e-bay but good luck!

  2. Ebay might be a good idea for you. I haven't done it for awhile, but used to quite a bit. [I do need to, I have some stuff to sell that is waiting for me...] Imo, it can be time consuming though!

    My suggestion is to choose something that you know, or that interests you if possible. Some type of collectable? Antique? Clothing? (vintage? jeans?) Clothing & shoes can be a winner probably especially if you can focus on high end label$. Do you have a Salvation Army, Purple Heart, Goodwill nearby? It can be a bit time consuming sifting through things. Yard sales would also be a good place to look as well.

    Do you have any resale shops in your area that buy outright? You could be a picker for them from the above mentioned places.

    Was also thinking if you have any specialty outlets/clearance centers or something, you could get deals at a place like that to sell to those of us without access to it!

    ebay tips -
    good photos [ex; photos that really show the item well, good lighting, no miscellaneous in photos.]
    detailed descriptions such as measurements of item, any flaws/imperfections etc. (include info like smoke free home. Can't say pet free! hee hee)

    Do you currently have an account established? If not, do so quickly, and buy a few things that you would normally use to get some feedback and a feel for how things roll.

    That is all I can think of at the moment.

    Food in this post looks delightful! You have inspired me to get a turkey! Yum. Very proud of you & your snack that is posted. Go girl.


  3. Re: Thai food...I love plain old Pad Thai. Also, coconut soup with veggies is great. Have fun with your friend.

    I've never done eBay but am interested in hearing how it goes for you. My son has bought and sold a ton of stuff on Craig's List, and my niece in Atlanta furnished a lot of her house from CL - so maybe that's another option.

    Sorry you didn't love the egg casserole - see, fat and grease taste good!! (haha) When I did it, it really wasn't too greasy at all. Sauteing the nuked sw. potatoes in a tiny bit of evoo with the onions probably added to the flavor. I have to remember that it's a Paleo recipe, and written for someone who is following that plan pretty closely, which I'm really not. I keep defaulting back to lower carb, because the absence of dairy on Paleo can leave things tasting a little hollow.

    Happy Easter - and I'm always happy when you break out the TamCam!

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