Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Current Pics of Me...and Brittany!

I met up with Brittany and her best friend Brittni for lunch today.  Both girls had just rolled out of bed, hadn't fixed their hair, and had no make-up on....but they still let me take the pics.  Yay!  And by the way....I had a salad like I'd planned and it was delish!!  I'll keep this short....just wanted to post a current pic of myself for the blog.

At the risk of sounding vain....I feel damn good about these pics, lol.  Granted, it's a 2X shirt, size 22 pants, and I'm 240 lbs. here....but if I can feel this good about how I look in these pics, CAN YOU IMAGINE how good I'm gonna' feel when I drop another 20...and eventually 40 more lbs?? 



  1. And you LOOK good! :) I can tell you feel good about the photos too. Cute outfit.

    Of course the girls look great too, no makeup and all! Grrr...haha


  2. You ;ook MARVELOUS! (((hus)))Pat
    Please take word verification off. Pretty Plzzzz ;0)

  3. You really look fantastic, Tammy, and as noted above, it shows in your body language. You go, girl! Love that you're back inspiring me again!

  4. You know what I love about your pictures?

    You smile on all of them. You show that you are happy and have positive attitude to share with others- this is what really counts at the end of the day ;-)

    Best regards,