Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Extra Stress

Wow I didn't realize I hadn't posted since Saturday!  I've just been bogged down at work with storm season.

Dwayne came home with a bit of unsettling news a couple days ago.  He says things are not good at work and he's in fear of losing his job.  He accepted a promotion to management in December and walked into a whole world of problems as an Escalations Manager.  He had a good boss, but that guy left last week to accept another position within the company, but out in California.  So his "new" boss is a guy there that he's never liked.  Great, lol.

He was talking about maybe not lasting another month or two before they can him.  I hope he's wrong, but not being in the office with him, I can't really tell.  He was saying if he loses his job then we'll have to move because we won't be able to afford the rent here.  We would most likely go from this 3 bedroom house to a 1 bedroom apartment.  If he loses his job and has to go on Unemployment, the money would be just a sliver of what he's making now, and he started lamenting over the fact that if our cars break down/need repairs, that his savings will be gone quickly.  He's also worried that when he finds another job, the pay would mostly likely be $20-$30,000 less a year than he's making now.  And he told me if he loses his job, I'll have to find another full-time job and quit the insurance adjusting job because it's only part-time...and just leave Errand Fairy for the weekends.

He's always made enough money that he's never had to budget.  The fact is, he's terrified.  I suggested some budgeting ideas to him last night, trying to show them that there is hope and we're going to make it no matter what happens, but he looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language.  He's never had to budget....I've always had to budget.  We're at opposite ends of the spectrum right now.

I'll be honest....I really don't like it when home life is unsettled.  That's always been my safe and secure place where I find my calm and peace when the outside world was falling apart.  Dwayne's mood and him being pre-occupied with all of these thoughts upsets me and creates a knot in my stomach that I can't seem to shake.  Dwayne and I have each been through extended unemployment before and it's just so dang hard.  I really hope that things improve for him at work, but after hearing the details from him yesterday, it doesn't sound good right now.

Sorry for the negativity...just updating on what's going on in my life this week.  I realize things could go south with my weight very quickly if I let my focus be averted to these negative things.  Last Fri when I unofficially got on the scale, I was down to 238.  This morning I'm 239.  I need to reign the focus in quickly.  I truly never want to see 240 again. 

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  1. Lots of uncertainty which is always unsettling. Hang in there - you both can handle whatever comes along. And it's great that you're still below 240!

    I'm writing another post now - thanks for the gentle kick in the ass that I haven't posted. Lot's going on, but I'll get something up today.