Saturday, March 17, 2012


I finally figured out what my problem has been with eating like a moron at night this past week.  Turns out, it was nothing major.  I was digging too deep, trying to find some major issue in my life that was driving the eating, based on the fact that I'm such an emotional eater.  The problem was ridiculously simple, and not really a problem at all...just a bad habit I was slipping into.

I've been following Dwayne's eating pattern, and that's it.  So ridiculous.

Dwayne skips breakfast and just showers and goes straight in to work.  He eats something simple like a leftover piece of chicken or porkchop or whatever from dinner the night before (he comes home for lunch).  Then he eats whatever I fix for dinner...that's his 2nd meal of the day.  THEN...he eats another meal around 10-11p at night when he's hungry again.

I had started eating something small like a 70 calorie cheese stick for breakfast, or a 75 calorie boiled egg.  Then I'd eat what I planned for lunch and dinner.  THEN eating whatever he ate with him late at night.  It's a nasty little cycle.  When you eat that late at night, you don't feel like a normal breakfast the next morning because you still feel kind of full from the night before.  And it's just as simple as that.
When I finally figured out the pattern yesterday while at work, I was ready.  We had sandwiches for dinner last night around 6:30p.  I did a few chores around the house, then we watched a weird ass Nic Cage movie called Driving Angry together.  When the movie was over around 11p I was almost tired enough to go to bed.  Dwayne said he was hungry and pulled a sub out of the frig that he had bought earlier.  He said, "Here baby, I know you're hungry too....share this sub with me."  And I said, "NO THANKS".  I said no.  And I turned this week of bad eating around right there.  Instead, I went back to my bedroom closet and bagged up all of the clothes that are too big for me to donate to Goodwill.  Then I went to bed.  Habit stopped...and I'm back on track.  :)

Obviously I make things harder than they have to be sometimes.  I was REALLY trying to figure out what the heck was wrong with me, and it was just a simple matter of shifting my habits.  Kinda' like missing the forest for the trees.  I felt pretty silly when I finally figured it out...but it's all good.  I'm back on track now and that's what really matters.  I'm actually hungry this morning since I didn't eat late last night, and that's the way it should be. 

I'm going to fix a couple of eggs for breakfast and then shower and start my day.  I've got to go to the salon and get my nails filled in.  Then I've got some errands to run with Dwayne.  We've got 2 birthday parties this weekend and we've got to shop for gifts.  One of our guy friends turned 40 yesterday and the party is tonight.  They're grilling out hamburgers and hot dogs.  My plan is to do what I do here at home when I make it w/o the bun, with lettuce, tomato onion & dill pickle.  A party doesn't need to be a reason to jump off a cliff.  My niece's birthday party is tomorrow afternoon and they're eating at CiCi's pizza.  I've always hated that cardboard crap (it's not real pizza) so there's no pitfall there to deal with.  And if I remember correctly back to another kid's birthday party, I think CiCi's has a little salad bar. 

So the weekend plan is in place....the next challenge weigh-in is this coming Wed.  I may have been off the wagon too long to really make a dent in the weigh-in...but no matter.  I'm moving in the right direction again and the scale will eventually reflect that.  Make it a great day friends!! :)

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  1. Why is he offering that to you if he knows that you are trying to lose weight?