Saturday, March 10, 2012

Good Morning Sunshine!

I woke up to a gorgeous sunny day!!  I let Scarlette out in the fenced backyard to play and she's having a blast.  She loves to chase the birds, squirrels and chipmunks although she never catches any (thank goodness...that would definitely be an "Ewwww" moment).

I've been sitting out on the back deck watching her while sipping my morning coffee.  I just love sunshine.

I have absolutely no plans or requirements for the day except grocery shopping.  I'm going to be busy next weekend with 2 birthday on Sat and one on Sun, so I thought I'd just stay home and relax this weekend.  It also makes my eating choices much, much easier.

Dwayne is taking his mom to lunch today for her birthday.  They're going to Macaroni Grill and of course he said I'm more than welcome to come.  At first I said yes...but then I changed my mind.  I haven't been to Macaroni Grill in years but I love that place.  The last time I went for a friend's birthday, I had the BEST porkchops and mushroom risotto I've ever had in my life.  I could have gone and chosen something way lighter, but I just didn't trust myself to get a salad today.  So I declined the invitation and I feel good about that choice.

I'm just going to get my grocery shopping done and then come home and do the weekly chores like laundry and vacuuming at my leisure.  I'm also going to take Scarlette with me for a nice walk through the neighborhood later on.  We live in a very quiet, peaceful neighborhood with big, wooded yards.  It's a good place to walk.

I hope all of you make it a great day today.  Not just "have a great day", but MAKE it a great day.  We always have a choice.....whether or not you make the right ones is ALL up to you.  Enjoy the sunshine! :)


  1. Enjoy this wonderful day, Tammy!
    You are so right... we can MAKE it a great day. I intend to use that approach myself today. :)

  2. Please send me some sunshine...we are lacking it here in Ireland.

    I love quiet weekends too - it's so lovely to have a bit of time to ourselves. Enjoy it!

  3. You are doing GREAT. Dont give up!