Friday, March 9, 2012

Stress, Choices & Rewards!

I posted about things picking up at work and that I've had no plan for eating with the extra hours at work this week.  The truth is, I didn't shop and plan very well at the grocery store last wknd and ran out of lunch and snack stuff.  All I have is a freezer full of meat, some bread on the counter (for Dwayne...I haven't made any sandwiches this week because I'm still trying to limit my carbs due to the diabetes), and I have noodle packets and mac 'n' cheese and that kind of carby crap in the pantry (again, for Dwayne, it's all he'll veggies!).

So in light of this, I've been making the best choices I can to get through the week w/o totally throwing my hands up in the air and just eating what's convenient.  I went to lunch with Brittany on Wed at a BBQ place and made the best choice....a salad.  Yesterday, I ate 2 boiled eggs for breakfast for 150 calories, then went in at 10am and took nothing with me because I had nothing at home.  When lunch time rolled around I had to make my choice.  I decided to run a mile down the road from work to KFC and get 2 grilled chicken breasts.  I told my friend at work that I was doing the special diet with last week and asked her if she wanted some.  You would have thought I slapped her in the face.

"No way!  I just can NOT believe that you can get anything healthy from that place.  I don't care what the nutrition menu says the calorie count is!"  I told her it's just grilled chicken...not breaded...they guesstimate 180 calories for a breast...6 oz.  Some are a little bigger, some are a LOT smaller...but it's a decent estimate.  I said the sodium is obviously higher because it's a restaurant, but that doesn't affect the calorie count...just drink a lot more water to flush it.  NOPE.  She was repulsed.

I immediately felt guilty for my choice and it bothered me all day.  I got the chicken and went downstairs to our mini cafeteria and got a salad with mixed greens and broccoli with a cpl of tbsp's of Italian dressing.  I COULD HAVE loaded up that salad with boiled eggs, cheddar cheese, piles of bacon bits, ranch dressing, etc....but I didn't.  I made the best choice I could feel good about.  I also COULD HAVE gone to McD's, Wendy's, Steak 'n' Shake,  Burger King or Taco Bell to pick up lunch...but I didn't.  I could have done something even easier and stayed at the ofc. and had pizza or Chinese delivered.  But I didn't. 

Although I know I should have been prepared with things from the grocery store, I still think I made the best conscious decision I could for the healthiest eating during a busy time at work.

Nonetheless, I was laying on the couch last night thinking about another busy day at work coming, no eating plan, my friend thinking I created a diet sin for going to KFC, and basically gave up and said I'll just order Chinese tomorrow.  It's friend's not going to be at work tmrw so she won't know...I haven't had Chinese in forever it lunch won't kill me, blah blah blah.  And the guilt was killing me. 

I woke up this morning....raining and dreary outside (my attitude seems to be better on sunny days).  I immediately thought about my lunch plan, the guilt came back, and I decided to step on the scale to see if the same 240 was there.  I really, really needed to see if I'd dropped down into the next decade.

238 baby!!!!  2-3-8!!!!  No Chinese for me!!!  No sirree bob.  Just that fast, my attitude turned, I got my fighting spirit back...and I still have no idea what's for lunch today, lol.  But I know it's not gonna' be Chinese!!

I think I'll leave a little early for work and swing by the grocery store and see what I can find.  Surely I can find something better than fast food.  I feel bad for having a bad attitude last night and deciding to cave.  I feel guilty..and I hate admitting to it here.'s the truth, and confession is good for the soul.

Make it a great day's YOUR choice!  :)


  1. Hey - I think it's great. Andi think your friend is a bit of a pill for that overdone reaction. Good for you for giving yourself the chance to make a better decision!! Down into the 230s is fantastic!! Keep up the good work.

    PS - the word verification is almost impossible to read today - any chance you might take it off - you could just go back to comment verification. I'll keep reading and commenting no matter what, though! :)

  2. I love that! The un-expected good choices always feel the best!! Congrats on 238!!

  3. Wow, good job on the new number!

    Y'know, Tammy, you ARE right, you did think out your lunch choice,
    you could have had food from all those other places...I think your choice wasn't too bad all things considered! And the best part to me is that you were consciously thinking it all through. Girl that is big for some of us who like our eats. I'm proud of you. You did well. And keep drinking that water.

    Her reaction just seemed rather extreme to me.