Sunday, February 26, 2012

Beautiful Sunday

Today is our buddy Mark's birthday, so me, Dwayne, Mark and his brother Kevin are heading down to the OysterFest in Midtown Atlanta.  Good seafood and live bands...sun is shining...should be a great day!

Tomorrow I start the 7 days I committed to on my friend's diet, bascially because she asked me, and just to do something different.  It's one of those programs that cost a lot of money to do and probably don't want their diet passed around if you're not paying for it, so I won't name the specific program. 

I'm not big on set programs specifically.  I've always thought it boiled down to eating less and moving more.  Don't really need to fork out lots of money for that...but it will be fun to do a little group effort with my friend.

I was actually supposed to meet up with my bio daughter Brittany this coming week for lunch at a sushi place that she loves...but totally forgot about this strict menu I've got to follow, so will probably have to push lunch back to the following week.  Sushi always seems to be wrapped in rice and I can't have the rice this week.

I'm going to sneak my camera in my purse and see if the guys will let me take pics of them at the OysterFest today.  Doubtful if they'll "pose" for any pics, but I'll try to get some random shots and post them on here later.  Make it a great day! :)

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  1. Depending on the sushi restaurant, they often have riceless rolls to choose from. Of course, you could go full on sashimi and just take in the pure fish protein if that is on your diet. Edamame is also great if you are allow a bean.

    But...all that being said, if you really enjoy the other kinds of sushi, then is better off waiting another week!

    Good luck!