Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Product Review

I've tried a couple of new things on this 7 day diet.  One is the milk chocolate Atkins shake.  I bought a 4-pack so that I wasn't getting all of my protein from just eggs and meat.  I have to say I don't care for them.  I had one yesterday, and while drinkable, it just wasn't very tasty.  I'll finish the other 3 over the course of the week, but won't be buying anymore.

The diet also suggests you buy the spritz salad dressing for your greens...only 1 calorie per squeeze!!  I grabbed the Wishbone brand (not sure if there were any other brands) and as soon as I tasted it, I thought this tastes exactly like distilled white vinegar.  I flipped the bottle over and read the ingredients.  The first 3 listed were water, HFCS and white vinegar.  Blech!!  Nothing bad against Wishbone, I use their House Italian as a marinade for chicken when we're grilling a good bit.  But the spritz stuff is horrible.

Finally, I've tried the Special K protein bars as a snack.  The flavor I bought is Chocolate Peanut.  Oh my heavens....these are divine!!  They're just as good as any candy bar I've ever eaten.  They're very small and 110 calories, and absolutely perfect if you just want a couple of bites of something sweet.  I even got Dwayne to try one, and he was extremely impressed, too.  Now....if you're one of those people that sweets sends you over the deep end....if you buy those 100 calorie snack packs for treats, and then eat all 6 packs in the box at once, do NOT buy these.  They're just too good and I could see where it would be a bad idea for people that have a harder time with sweet stuff than I do.  I had one last night and one the night before, and that's all I needed and wanted.

I ate under 1500 cals again yesterday.  The official weigh-in for the challenge is next Wed, so I'm making myself stay off the scale until then.  It's hard to do, but I want a nice surprise when I jump on next week. :)

I will say that I had some SERIOUS carb cravings last night about 10pm.  I couldn't stop thinking about pizza and subs, etc.  But I beat down those thoughts and stayed on plan.  I think anytime you restrict a specific group of foods, you're naturally going to want them all the more.  You always want what you (tell yourself) you "can't" have.  I'm only doing this high protein/high veggie/low carb diet for a week...but restricting carbs is something I have to do for LIFE, due to my diabetes.  So it's something I'll just have to learn how to live with.  I don't really have any choices in that area, which is a good thing, because when I eat too many carbs I feel bloated and sluggish.

So 2 days down, 5 to go, and life is good.  :)


  1. You're doing great, Tammy, and I totally agree with you about the Atkins shakes. I thought they tasted like bad medicine. Those Special K bars sound great, but I'm heeding your warning and staying away from them, because I AM one of those people!

    Thanks so much for the supportive comment today - it made me laugh and pump my fist, and I responded to it.