Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Unofficial Weigh-in

For the challenge, we're weighing every 2 weeks.  So I wasn't going to post my one week weigh-in...just check it to see where I'm at.  But this one's too good not to share.

I got on the scale this morning and got quite the shock.  I got on and off 3 times and got the same #.  I figured it was a fluke, so I sat down and checked emails and watched the news for an hour.  Then I got back on the scale and got the same # two more times, so I'm guessing it's correct.

I weighed 251.4 when I started last Wed.  This morning I weigh 243.4.  That is a loss of 8 lbs.!!!  Now I know that when you've been off the wagon for a while, your first week back at it usually produces a big loss, what with flushing a bunch of sodium, etc.  But I don't think I've ever seen this big of a loss in one week, so I am just beyond thrilled!

With that said...let me just say that I learned a lot about my body from keeping the blog the last couple of years and journaling every thing.  I learned all about the symptoms for my PCOS.  Instead of having a cycle once a month like a NORMAL person....I get the symptoms every 2 weeks.  All the bloating, major cramping, acne, sweet/salty cravings...the whole bit.  I know that I'm due for that this week.

So...even if I maintain this 8 lb. loss this week and don't lose anymore due to bloat, I will NOT be disappointed.  It used to get me down so bad when I was giving it my all only to see a maintain on the scale.  I'd throw a tantrum, cry, cuss...the whole bit.  What killed me is that after the bad week, I'd have a good week, and FORGET that another bad week is right around the corner.  Not anymore.  I'm very aware of how my body works now, and I'm ready for it.  I'm not going to let it get me down.  I will not give you a week's worth of negative posts, lol. 

I'm focusing on one day at a time here, now matter how lousy I feel.  I'm going to work on my biggest downfall, and that's consistency.  When the cravings come knocking, I will be prepared for that and work it into my 1500 calorie budget. 

Breakfast this morning was a 4 oz. chicken burger and 2 eggs w/ hot sauce on them....270 cals.  I'm off to a good start.  I'm supposed to have lunch with Brittany today, her best friend Brittni, and my cousin Jennifer.  We're going to an excellent BBQ restaurant called Jim 'n Nick's.  I pulled up the menu last night to see what the options were.  Yikes, lol.  I knew right off the bat I'm going to skip the pork that I LOVE, and go with the smoked turkey breast.  That's a no-brainer.  I was looking at the sides....good grief.  Baked beans, creamy cole slaw, potato salad, mac 'n' chz, fries...and "vegetable of the day".  Depending on what the veggie is (it could be fried okra, lol).....I may just get a turkey sandwich.  That's my back up plan. 

I cooked up 3 chicken burgers last night....baked them in the oven.  So I'll be having another one for dinner tonight, probably with a bag of Steamfresh veggies out of the freezer since I don't have anything fresh in the house right now. 

Hopefully I'll hear back from Brittany soon.  If we get to meet up for lunch today, I'll take some pics of us and post them later tonight or tmrw.  Here's a pic of Brittany and I at Christmas:

Isn't she beautiful?  :)  Proud of that girl.  Hope everyone has a great day!


  1. You have a beautiful daughter and you are beautiful too!
    W2G on the weight loss! WE CAN DO THIS! (((hugs)))Pat

  2. Like mother like daughter..Gorgeous!!!
    Well Done on the weight loss too, I am itching to get weighed but I am trying to be strong and wait for next week. I am loving this challenge.



  3. Holy crapoli - fantastic job! And it's got to be extra motivating to see that great loss. So happy for you, Tammy!

  4. Super super awesome! I don't know anything about PCOS, but that is another condition that vegans report to be very successfully managed. I'll let you google it if you have an interest.

  5. That's wonderful!!!!
    Yep, I'm a PCOS girl too. Sux doesn't it?
    VERY VERY happy for you!