Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Stuffed and Miserable!

Ok....so, Day2 of this 7 day diet I'm on with my friend.  I had 2 eggs this morning for a 150 calorie breakfast.  I just ate lunch a few mins ago at my desk here at work.  I thought I was starving, so instead of having 1 baked chicken breast, I had 2.  They were big, so I'm thinking about 400 calories.  I am absolutely stuffed and miserable.  Note to self...space out your food better.  I should have waited a couple of hours to eat that 2nd piece of chicken.  What a moron.  I feel like I want to puke, lol.

However, this little experience had made me think that it would be damn near impossible to get fat off a high protein and veggie diet.  I'm at 550 calories for the day right now and the thought of eating another bite makes me want to hurl.  I'm sure I'll feel better in a few hours and will be fine by dinnertime, but I seriously doubt I'll be hitting 1500 calories today.  The diet I'm doing doesn't count calories, but I've been keeping up with them anyway, because the first 3 days are unlimited protein.  I figured since I'm such a volume eater, I better make sure I don't go over the 1500.  Yesterday I came in at 1250.  I think today's going to be even lower.  I'm pretty sure my weigh-in on Wednesday of next week for Chris' challenge is going to be pretty awesome.  That was the whole point of doing something different this week.  I want to propel myself down into the 230's.  Things are looking good.

And by the way, I picked up a 4 pack of protein drinks at the store last night.  The Special K ones had 26g of carbs in them...but I ended up getting the Atkins drinks for only 5g of carbs.  I brought one to work to try this afternoon, but I'm not sure if that's going to happen.  I am just too stuffed.  We'll see.  Maybe later tonight.  Make it a great day! :)

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  1. I'll be interested to hear how you like the Atkins Shakes - I thought they had a weird aftertaste, but it might have been me. Let us know what you think - and I'm betting on a big loss for you tomorrow.