Saturday, February 4, 2012

Mom and Dad's Anniversary Party with Pics

Tomorrow is the 40th anniversary for my parents.  We celebrated tonight with a party that I planned over the last 5 weeks.  It was supposed to be a surprise party, but I knew my mom would find out, because as long as I've been alive, my mom has always known everything.  And sure enough, she found out 2 weeks ago.  She's just gifted like that. :)

I have the most awesome parents in the world.  I'm very proud of the way they raised me and my 2 sisters, and the way they're now helping to raise the 5 grandkids.  They are very hands-on, integrated parents and grandparents.  They're very involved in our lives....always loving and encouraging and supportive. 

They're both retired now, but they worked hard all of their lives to give us a very comfortable life when I was growing up.  They made sacrifices that I was too young and stupid to realize back then, but fully appreciate now.  We always had everything we needed, and plenty of what we wanted.  They taught us morals and values...gave us confidence and support.  And there were also things that they never did that I appreciate just as much.

They never had alcohol in our house for themselves, and never allowed it in our house from others who visited.  We have alcoholism in our extended family and this is just one thing that they never allowed around us at our home, and it's something I valued and have always appreciated, even during childhood.

My sisters and I dug a few holes for ourselves in younger years.  Sometimes my parents would reach down and pull us right out...and a few times they let us sit in the hole for a little while....because they knew that was the best way to learn the lesson from the mistake we made, so as not to repeat it.  They've always done what's best for us, and continue to do so even now...and with the grandbabies. 

They truly are phenomenal and loved more than any of us could ever express.  We do our best to show them all along, and this party tonight was us shouting "WE LOVE YOU MOM AND DAD...AND THANKS FOR LOVING US!!!"


  1. What a beautiful post and TRIBUTE to your parents. :0)

  2. looks like a smashing success. I miss your parents! Who is the little one in the orange? I thought Brandy had two boys? And, please tell me that the one with the headband belongs to Amy - she looks just like her!