Friday, February 24, 2012

Trying Something New

No Chinese food yesterday...yay me.  lol

Starting Monday, I'm joining a friend on her diet for 7 days.  I only want to do it for 7 days for a couple of reasons.  First of all, the diet plan looks very painful, I'm not committing to more than 7.  Secondly, I like the 1500 calorie cap that I'm doing now....I'm just doing this to force myself to focus on a specific plan/menu just to do something different.  Boredom on a diet is a killer.

It never hurts to shake things up once in a while.  I'm jumping on the train on Monday and will ride it through next Sunday.  I'm curious to see what kind of loss it will produce that Monday morning...should be a good one.  And my Challenge weigh-in is 2 days later on that Wed.  Looking forward to it...kinda'.  lol


  1. Looking forward to hearing about your 7 day diet plan. You sound very determined - and congrats on losing a pants size! That's cool! :-)

  2. Chinese is a seductive bitch...I'll likely be having some tomorrow because I'll be heading to my SILs for her kids B-day and has nothing vegan on the menu so I'll be bringing some hunan tofu for me!

  3. Good for you on passing up chinese. Hope the week pays off for you. It is good to try something new to shake things up!