Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Someone Noticed!

I wore a pair of my new size 22 pants to work yesterday with a new blouse and some high-heeled boots.  I'll admit it....I was feeling good. :)

About 15 mins after getting into work, my boss called me in his ofc.  Here's the conversation:

Boss:  So....have you been exercising a lot?
Me:     (puzzled look...didn't say anything)
Boss:  You've been losing weight...
Me:     Oh....yeah!
Boss:  I can tell....you're looking thinner.
Me:    Oh...well...thanks for noticing!!!!

And I walked back to my desk....or rather, I floated back to my desk, lol.

While I haven't lost a whole lot yet...it always feels good when someone notices.  Especially when it's someone as obscure as my boss who seems to never notice anything, lol.

I took a peek at the scale this morning...my official weigh-in is tmrw morning for the challenge.  I'm basically in the same place I was 2 weeks ago.  I'm not struggling...just still a little too lax in the snack department in the evenings after dinner.  (i.e.  Cheetos last night while playing Scrabble).  It's a problem, and one I need to fix.  I also think I need to raise my water intake.

I mentioned in my last post that I should probably try on another size down in pants when I lose another 15 lbs.  I'm thinking now I might do it in another 10 lbs.  The size 22's I had on yesterday felt great...but at the end of the day they felt a little TOO comfy...meaning after they stretched out from wearing them, I had about a 1" gap all the way around my waist.  So I think in another 10 lbs. or so, I should be able to fit into the size 20's.  I also fully expect to be down into the 230's in another couple of weeks.  This is getting exciting.  It's always such a good feeling when your mind's in the right place.  :)